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November article on high schoolers doing stewardship (San Miguel Basin Forum)

Article on the DRRP featured in the The Yale Environment Review

Sowing Seeds for Restoration

San Miguel Basin Forum Article, August 2015

Dolores Star article on work done through the DRRP

June 2015  article in the San Miguel Basin Forum newspaper and first of a two-part series on the partnership's work and accomplishments to date

Recent article in the Telluride Daily Planet about the DRRP’s work (May 2015)

Telluride Daily Planet article covering the DRRP winning the 2014 Colorado Collaboration Award

Cortez Journal Article on the work of the DRRP

The Nature Conservancy e-newsletter article on the Youth Corps and the DRRP

Cortez Journal Article: Dolores River Partnership helps train youth crews

Recent Article on DRRP Event – Grand Junction Sentinel

Volunteer Project coverage by the Grand Junction Sentinel, Feb. 2012 

DRRP Brochure - May 2012

Article on the San Juan Basin Forum on work by the DRRP (May 17, 2012) by Mike Wight, Chair of the Education and Outreach Subcommittee

Press Release by US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar that identified 10 river projects in western and Pacific Northwest states to serve as models of the America’s Great Outdoors River Initiative, including the Dolores River Restoration Partnership.

Articles on the DRRP efforts, the Tamarisk Coalition and involving youth (see pps. 1 and 13) of the River Management Society’s newsletter.  Link: