Dolores River Restoration Project

Core Team

Each of the DRRP subcommittee chairs along with a representative of the Bureau of Land Management comprises a “Core Team,” the entrusted body between the larger partnership and subcommittees.  The Core Team fosters cross-subcommittee coordination, takes direction from and provides guidance to the partnership, and develops agendas for bi-annual partnership meetings.

Current members of the Core Team include: Daniel Oppenheimer, Rusty Lloyd, Kristen Jespersen, and Julie Knudson of the Tamarisk Coalition; Sue Bellagamba of The Nature Conservancy; Mike Wight of the Southwest Conservation Corps; Marsha Porter-Norton, the partnership’s facilitator; and Matt Azhocar of the Bureau of Land Management’s Southwest District of Colorado.

Primary contacts: Daniel Oppenheimer ( or Marsha Porter-Norton (

Key Documents

2011  Retreat Notes

2013  Retreat Notes

2014  Retreat Notes

2015 Retreat Notes