Dolores River Restoration Project

Science & Monitoring Subcommittees Contact

The Science and Monitoring Subcommittee collects, assess, and disseminates monitoring data to inform future restoration work, determine progress towards shared goals, and evaluate the effectiveness of restoration methods. 

The Science and Monitoring Science (SMS) Subcommittee has established a DRRP SMS Web site.  This Web site is now where all of the DRRP’s SMS products and materials are housed in one location. We will eventually update this DRRP Web site but for the time being.  check it out!

 On the site, find:

  • 2014 Watershed Wide Monitoring Report
  • Upcoming reports on 2015 Rapid Monitoring and the 2015 Cottonwood Study
  • More!

Current subcommittee members include: public agency resource managers and ecologists, university partners, and staff from several non-profit organizations.

Primary contact: Julie Knudson (

Key documents:   

2011 Rapid Project Monitoring Report

2012 Rapid Monitoring Report (101 MB, PDF)

2014 Cottonwood Suitability Assessment Presentation