Dolores River Restoration Project

Implementation Subcommittee

The Implementation Subcommittee conducts collective planning and problem-solving as well as provides technical assistance to practitioners working on-the-ground to implement restoration projects along the Dolores River. Meeting annually to share lessons learned from the field, the subcommittee develops site-specific plans to guide future implementation and maintenance work and periodically recruits external expertise (e.g. through presentations & workshops) to enhance our collective knowledge.

Current subcommittee members include: private landowners, public agency resource managers and ecologists, university partners, and staff from several non-profit organizations.

Please join us: whether you are a private landowner excited to share your local knowledge and/or to engage in the restoration efforts, or perhaps a resource manager looking to learn from others’ experience, we place lots of value on learning from each other’s successes (and failures) as well as supporting restoration efforts across fence lines and other boundaries.

Primary contact: Daniel Oppenheimer (

Key documents

DRRP Transition Plan for Monitoring and Maintenance
DRRP Transition Plan for Monitoring and Maintenance Appendices
2014 Cottonwood Sustainability Assessment Final Report
Dr. Ken Lair site visits
Moab Field Office 2013 Update (PDF, 12.9 MB)
Working With Beavers (PDF, 7.75 MB)
Cottonwood poles for riparian restoration (PDF, 886 KB)
Suggested Methodologies for Cottonwood Pole, Willow Whip, and Longstem Plantings (PDF, 855 KB)
Tamarisk Coalition – Plant Materials Update (PDF, 3.16 MB)
General Plant Availability