Dolores River Restoration Project

Outreach/Education Subcommittee

The Outreach & Education Subcommittee raises awareness and fosters buy-in, stewardship, and support for DRRP efforts by developing and carrying out volunteer projects, educational materials, and targeted outreach.

Current subcommittee members include: staff from several non-profit organizations and public agencies.

Please join us: whether you are interested in helping plan the next volunteer cottonwood planting or have creative ideas for how raise awareness about riparian restoration projects and events in the Dolores River Basin, we’re always looking for new, enthusiastic members.

Primary contact: Mike Wight (

Key documents

These are just two of the DRRP's signs that will be posted this year as part of an interpretive trail along the river. Stay tuned for more details... 

Wildlife in the Dolores Watershed

Plants in the Dolores Watershed