Principle #1

Develop a Comprehensive Landscape Plan

Before investing a great deal of time and money it is a good idea to start with a plan. A good plan will go a long way to ensure that your landscape project is successful. A landscape is a living organism that requires the proper interconnection of its parts to thrive. Starting with a plan enables you to look at multiple options and helps you work through potential problems and capitalize on opportunities. It is far easier to make changes on paper than in the middle of your construction project. Furthermore, a plan will assist in materials and cost estimating, and help to convey your ideas to others such as landscape contractors or homeowners associations. In addition, many city governments now require a formal plan in order to obtain landscaping permits.

Probably the easiest way to create a landscape plan is to hire a professional,
but you can easily develop a plan yourself. To develop a landscape plan yourself
follow these three simple and easy steps.


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