Principle #1

Step 1: Create a Base Map

The goal of your base map is to create a simple scale drawing of your yard and its characteristics, which is very easy to do. You should include the house, driveway, walkway, existing trees, shrubs, plants, fences, outbuildings and any other major features of your yard. Don’t forget to note any overhead power lines and buried utilities that could be affected by plantings. To locate buried utilities, call the Colorado “one call” line location service at 800-922-1987. All landscape projects must take this precautionary step before work begins. The service is usually free of charge and is required before any digging is started. Line locates are usually completed within three days of the request.

Begin your drawing by using graph paper. This will make it easier to plot your yard to an appropriate scale. A couple of good scales to use for residences are 1/8” = 1’, or 1” = 10’ To create a base map of your project, simply measure your yard using a tape measure. A 100’ tape measure is ideal.

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