Principle #1

Step 3: Develop a Construction Plan

Once you have developed a schematic plan that you are comfortable with, you can begin to finalize your plan for construction. In this phase you will begin to pull some of the other principles of xeriscape into play. Following the principle of “Appropriate Planting Materials” you will begin to fill in “bubbles” with plants, grouping them based on horticultural requirements. You will also finalize the layout and specify materials for hardscapes. The irrigation concept will be developed at this point as well.

All elements of the final plan should be drawn to scale so that materials can be accurately estimated, and the layout of the plan may be transferred to the ground. All trees & shrubs should be drawn to scale. A simple circle template works well for this task. Plants should be drawn to reflect approximately 3/4 of their mature size. This will ensure appropriate spacing and improve the accuracy of your final count for plant quantities. Since your plan has been drawn to scale, you can measure your plan to determine the quantity of many of your materials. If you plan to hire a professional landscape contractor to install your plan, make sure to label all plants and materials clearly with their name or an appropriate symbol.

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