Dolores River

Members and Alternates of the Dolores River Dialogue – Steering Committee 3/14

Bureau of Rec (BofR)
Vern Harrell with Ty Artichoker, Alt

Boating: American Whitewater and Dolores River Boating Advocates (AW)
Nathan Fey (American Whitewater) with Lee-Ann Hill (representing Dolores River Boating Advocates), Alt

Colorado Park and Wildlife (CPW)
Matt Thorpe with David Graf, Alt

Dolores Water Conservancy District (DWCD)
Don Schwindt with Jim Fisher, Alt

Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company
Gerald Koppenhafer with Greg Black, Alt

Southwestern Colorado Livestock Association
Drew Gordanier with Al Heaton, Alt

San Juan Basin Farm Bureau
Phyllis Snyder with Jerry Koskie, Alt

San Juan Citizens Alliance (SJCA)
Amber Kelley with Dan Olsen, Alt

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Doug Robotham, Alt

Trout Unlimited (TU)
Matt Clark with Mely Whiting, Alt

Fiscal Agent: Dolores Water Conservancy District

Contacts: Mike Preston and Gina Espeland

Meeting Recorder: Gail Binkly

Facilitator: Marsha Porter-Norton (Phone: 247-8306 or