SW Community Forestry Caucus


The Four Corners Sustainable Forests Partnership: Lessons and Strategies for Capacity Building (contains content of this website)

http://ocs.fortlewis.edu/FCSFP Report.pdf

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Economic Assessment of Using a Mobile Micromill® for Processing Small-Diameter Ponderosa Pine, Dennis R. Becker, Evan E. Hjerpe, and Eini C. Lowell


Keynote for Four Corners Community Forests Partnership Annual Meeting ---2003


The Four Corners Sustainable Forests Partnership: Building Economic & Community Capcity to Improve Ecological Conditions


Library of Small Business Administration Essential Business Literature, The Colorado Wood Utilization & Marketing Assistance Center (39 MB, very large)



Case Studies

When Collaborative Processes are Exhausted by Delays, Brian Cottam

Monroe Mountain Ecosystem Restoration Project, Brian Cottam

The Southern Utah Forest Products Association, Brian Cottam

Community Wildfire Protection Plan for At-Risk Communities of the Sitgreaves National Forest in
Apache, Coconino, and Navajo Counties, May 2004

Work Shops

Colorado Wood Utilization & Marketing Program, Durango, CO November, 2004


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