SW Community Forestry Caucus


SW Community Caucus Membership

Membership in the CAUCUS is open to anyone who seeks to increase the dialogue about community forestry, forest restoration, ecosystem health improvements, sustainable community economies, and related topics. All members are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge, and questions in ways that improve the practices of community forestry, especially in the Southwestern United States .

Supporting Members

 It is a goal of the CAUCUS to identify a group of “supporting members” in each of the four states of Arizona , Colorado , New Mexico , and Utah . The role of a “supporting member” is to provide a communication contact and leadership for the CAUCUS in that state, as a special means of increasing dialogue, knowledge transfer, and identifying topics for intensive study and practice improvement.

If you wish to be identified as a supporting member , please contact the CAUCUS webmaster a ball_b@fortlewis.edu, and your name will be so listed.

Supporting Organizations

Similarly, if your organization would like to be listed as a “supporting organization,” that is, one that wishes to encourage the knowledge networking goals of the Southwest Community Forestry Caucus, please also contact the webmaster. This role could include providing co-sponsorship of discussions or meetings on important topics or challenging questions facing community forestry, or other collaborative learning events and activities of mutual interest.







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