SW Community Forestry Caucus

About Us

The Southwest Community Forestry Caucus (SCFC ) has evolved as a result of the knowledge and capacity, which has been built through the Four Corners Sustainable Forests Partnership, 1999-2005. As a result of this demonstration effort, numerous lessons have been learned and many forest restoration partnerships and wood products enterprises have been strengthened. We want to build upon, and enhance this legacy by continuing the knowledge building process about community forestry.

The primary intent of the Southwest Community Forestry Caucus (SCFC) is to establish a coordinated communication network, capable of gathering and transferring knowledge about community-based forest restoration and stewardship among practitioners, communities, and applied researchers, particularly in the southwestern states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

Our goal is to become a knowledge-sharing compliment to the many local partnerships, public land agencies, and advocates of community forestry, within its three primary components: the social support and involvement of local forest related communities; the economic investment and entrepreneurship of harvesting and wood products businesses, and the best ecological science and understanding available to active practitioners.



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