River Protection Group

Animas River Workgroup Meeting Handouts

Workgroup Findings and Conclusions – Draft, Draft, Draft (Note: This is not the formal report of the Workgroup. It is a draft of the main agreements and/or range of ideas for the various stream segments. This is a WORKING DRAFT and nothing in this draft should be considered final as of January 2013).

Hydrograph, Prepared for the Workgroup by the Colorado Water Conservation Board

Value Identified and Segment and Ideas

Handout from the October 2011 field trip on the Black Swifts, compiled by the USFS

Handout prepared by RPW staff on management of the fens and Black Swifts

List of questions generated by the Workgroup about Wild and Scenic Rivers

Response from Mark Stiles, SJPL Forest Supervisor, on management of the fens and Black Swifts

USFS handout on Research Natural Areas

RPW Staff handout on management of the Black Swifts and the Iron Fens

Handout on Process/June 2012

Segment by Segment Analysis (Segment, Protections in Place, Values, Ideas
for Protections)

Answers to questions posed by the San Juan County BOCC, January 2012 (answers from Roy Smith, State BLM Office)

Power Point given by Bruce Whitehead, Southwestern Water Conservation District, to the Working Group in November 2011

One-page Graphic of Relevant Planning Processes for Land/Water in the Area of Focus

Values Statement agreed to by the group (version 1/2012)

Power Point given by the Animas River Stakeholders Group at the 9/22/11 meeting

Region 9 Economic Development District Regional Profile for San Juan County: 

Answer to the Working Group from Roy Smith, State BLM Office (and speaker at the 11/11 meeting) regarding WSR in relation to mining, permits, etc.

Power Point by Linda Bassi, Colorado Water Conservation Board, given at the 11/11 meeting (focus is on the tool of In-Stream Flows)

Power Point by Roy Smith, State BLM Office, given at the 11/11 meeting (focus is on the tool of Wild and Scenic Rivers)

Additional mapping of watershed and river protections, November 2011.
Note: Some of this map includes protections that are not in the Area of Focus. Refer to the Information Sheet for the Workgroup's Area of Focus. The protections shown are: 

-Alpine Loop
-San Juan Skyway
-Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
-Colorado Trail
-Hydrologic Unit 4 Watershed Boundary
-Wilderness Study Area
-Wilderness Area
-San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act (proposed)
-Special Recreation Management Area
-Bureau of Land Management
-Bureau of Reclamation
-Patented Lands
-State Lands
-National Forest


Presentation to the Working Group by Todd Hennis in 10/12

Presentation by Working Group Member Todd Hennis on his views about mineral potential development in the Area of Focus

A Sample of Additional Reference Materials

Mineral Resources Essential to National Security and the Green Economy Under Siege


Handouts presented by Suzanne Sellers, CWCB



LaPlata from CO Dam Site Inventory.pdf

SanJuan from CO Dam Site Inventory.pdf



Fact Sheet on Iron Fens Prepared by Mountain Studies Institute, 2/28

Resource on Iron Fens from the Mountain Studies Institute.