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Collaborative Stewardship Library

The following list is of articles, essays, case studies, and other materials that represent efforts taking place to build knowledge and relationships for evolving community and ecosystem stewardship.

Brick, Philip and Joey Bristol. (2000, Autumn). Gila ground zero: Linking social justice and ecological restoration in New Mexico's Tierra Alta. In Chronicle of Community. Vol. 4, No. 2, page 5(10).


Community-Public Land Stewardship Initiatives Newsletter


Produced at the Office of Community Services at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. This small group of assistance providers has been instrumental in facilitating community and ecosystem stewardship in southwest Colorado and in the West. Initiatives reports on people, places, and things involved in the evolution of stewardship.

Cook, Fay Lomax, Jason Barabas, and Lawrence R. Jacobs. (1999). Deliberative Democracry in Action: An Analysis of the Effects of Public Deliberation. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University.


Authors test the idea that citizens become more interested in and knowledgeable about policy issues and more likely to participate in politics after engaging in public deliberation. Link to the Web site's publication page for an abstract and ordering information.

Frentz, Irene, Burns, Sam; Voth, Donald E., and Sperry, Charles. (2000). Rural development and community-based forest planning and management: A new, collaborative paradigm (Executive Summary). (Acrobat Reader document)

This summary of a two-year study, funded by the National Research Initiative of the USDA Forest Service, has already gone through two printings. The full version is available from the Human Environmental Science Department at the University of Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station.


Click Here for the full version of the report.

Kenney, Douglas S. Ph.D. (2000). Arguing about consensus: Examining the case against western watershed initiative and other collaborative groups active in natural resources management. Boulder, CO: Univ. of Colo. Natural Resources Law Center.

Larmer, Paul. A Colorado county tries a novel approach: work the system. High Country News. 5/13/96 (Vol. 28, No. 9).


Lynch, Dennis L. Ecosystem restoration and rural development. 

Dennis L. Lynch is emeritus faculty at the Department of Forest Sciences, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. This paper discusses the part of the Ponderosa Pine Forest Partnership project involved with the analysis of harvesting efficiencies, the development of markets for deformed, small diameter pine trees, and the establishment of value added manufacturing to support rural development in the adjacent communities.  It reports on the progress of the project and the revenues and costs experienced to date.

McVicker, Gary. Community-based Stewardship; a Model for Applied Science. Paper presented at the Aurora Partnership National Meeting, November 14-15, 2000. Charleston, S.C.



Rey,  Mark. (October 13, 2000) 2000 S. J. Hall Lecture: Collaborative Stewardship: A New Environmental Ethic for the West, (The S. J. Hall Lectureship In Industrial Forestry, University of California, Berkeley, Center for Forestry, College of Natural Resources).


Richard, Tim and Sam Burns. (1999, April). The Ponderosa Pine Forest Partnership: Forging new relationships to restore a forest, A case study. Durango, CO: Fort Lewis College. 

This paper describes the PPFP, examines significant features emerging from interactions and activities, and suggests directions that community-based forestry projects are moving and how they could benefit. Link leads to Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the report.

Tuxill, Jacquelyn L. (Ed). (2000, July). The Landscape of Conservation Stewardship: The Report of the Stewardship Initiative Feasibility Study. Woodstock, VT: Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, Conservation Study Institute, & The Woodstock Foundation.

Stories collected in this informative report describe three common threads of conservation stewardship, say its authors: 1) a sense of place that is complex and multi-faceted; 2) community-based conservation that is comprehensive, collaborative, respectful, and self-sustaining; and 3) a foundation of commitment and passion that works in concert with a sound scientific understanding to provide enduring inspiration.

Voth, Donald E., Martin Jardon, Cindy McCauley, Zola K. Moon, and Irene Frentz. (June 1999). Linking Community Development with National Forest Planning and Management in the South. Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas.