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Links to Presentations

[Presentations require Microsoft PowerPoint in order to view. In some cases, MS Word texts are provided with information corresponding to presentations. A few files take up a lot of memory and may load slowly. If you have problems contact the Webmaster to have the file e-mailed directly to you.]

Introduction (John Watson)

Keynote (Sylvia Edgerton)

Scientific Issues (Joellen Lewtas)

IMPROVE OC/EC Ratios (William Malm)

Guest Presentation: Source Apportionment . . . Joellen Lewtas (abstract text)

Secondary Organic Aerosols Definition (James Pankow)

Chemical Mechanisms (Spyros Pandis)

Secondary vs. Primary Particles (James Schauer)

Guest Presentation: Microapportionment, James Cowin (abstract)

Measurement Methods (Barbara Zielinska)

Guest Presentation: Paul Doskey (abstract)

Guest Presentation: Organic Comparison . . . Joellen Lewtas (abstract)

Guest Presentation: Semi-volatile Nature of SOAs, Delbert Eatough (abstract)

Guest Presentation: Southern Nevada Air Quality Study, Judith Chow

Guest Presentation: Apportionment and Electron Microscopes (abstract only), Gary Casuccio

Sources of Precursors (Richard Kamens)

Guest Presentation: George Klouda (abstract) Did not present, but will be included in Strategy.

Particles Affecting Light Extinction (Lynn Hildemann) [Adobe Acrobat Reader file]

Guest Presentation: Hydrophilic particles, James Cowin (abstract)

Research Recommendations