San Juan Public Lands Plan for the Future




What Will the Plan Accomplish?

The joint planning effort will set direction for how the many uses and resources of public lands in southwestern Colorado are managed for the next decade and beyond. Some of the issues to be covered include:

  • Where is commercial timbering appropriate, and how should it be managed?
  • Where is grazing of livestock appropriate, and how should it be managed?
  • Where is leasing of oil and gas resources appropriate, and how should this be managed?
  • Where is motorized recreation appropriate, and how should it be managed?
  • What areas should be set aside during sensitive seasons to protect wildlife habitat?
  • In what areas should fuels-reduction projects be emphasized?
  • How should air and water quality be maintained and monitored?
  • What areas should be recommended for consideration by Congress for Wilderness or Wild and Scenic River designation?
  • What areas contain unique characteristics that would make them qualify for Research Natural Area or other special designations?
  • In what areas are developed recreation facilities appropriate?
  • How should areas that are currently roadless be managed?



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