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Enhance your course development and career by joining OCS staff members in working with many diverse partners and clients, including: the USDA Forest Service; Bureau of Land Management; National Park Service; Colorado Department of Local Affairs; city, county, and tribal governments; National Science Foundation; Environmental Protection Agency; Western Governors Association; Mountain Studies Institute; other university and college departments across the country involved in similar work; non-governmental organizations, such as Operation Healthy Communities; environmental activist organizations; community-based collaborative initiatives, such as the Four Corners Sustainable Forests Partnership, and; many residents across the region.

We sometimes need a work study student who has the skills to meet our particular needs. We also ahve worked with under-graduate and post-graduate interns whose studies match our programs, which are quite varied. OCS staff members professional backgrounds, include a sociologist, two urban and rural development planners, a journalist-researcher, a landscape architect, a historian, and accountant.

Projects cover topics, such as: historic preservation; community-based forest restoration and collaboration; public involvement in national forest planning; community development; qualitative research of humans in the landscape; event coordination, such as workshops for researchers of atmospheric chemistry researchers; ethnographic research; service learning and community assitance; public meeting facilitation.















The Four Corners Sustainable Forests Partnership: Lessons and Strategies for Community Forestry Capacity Building

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Forest Planning

The Utilization of Collaborative Processes in Forest Planning