San Juan Public Lands Plan for the Future




DEIS > Volume 3

Volume Three: Appendices

Adobe PDF Cover and List of Appendices (401 KB)

Adobe PDF A: Public Involvement (192 KB)

Adobe PDF B: Data and Analysis Methods (121 KB)

Arrow C: Roadless Area Inventory and Wilderness Evaluation

Adobe PDF West Hermosa Recommended Wilderness Area (PDF, 5.6 MB, large file)

Adobe PDF D: Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability Appendix (839 KB)

Arrow E: BLM Structured Recreation Management Areas

Adobe PDF F: Activity Levels for Ch.3 Environmental Consequences Analysis (102 KB)

G: [Blank - Reserved]

Adobe PDF H: Oil and Gas Leasing Stipulations (3.6 MB)

Adobe PDF I: Watersheds on National Forest Lands with the Highest Levels of Anthropogenic Disturbance (99 KB)

Adobe PDF J: Watersheds on National Forest Lands Most Sensitive to Anthropogenic Disturbances (68 KB)

Adobe PDF K: Watersheds on the San Juan Public Lands with Potential Salinity Issues (61 KB)

Adobe PDF L: BLM Grazing Allotment Status (222 KB)

Adobe PDF M: Highlight Species (82 KB)

N: [Blank - Reserved]

Adobe PDF O: BLM & R2 Regional Foresters Sensitive Species on SJPL (78 KB)

Adobe PDF P: Federally Listed Species (82 KB)

Adobe PDF Q: Diversity and Viability (139 KB)

Adobe PDF R: San Juan National Forest Old Growth Definitions (60 KB)

S: [Blank - Reserved]

Adobe PDF T: Biological Evaluation (31 KB)

Adobe PDF U: Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (265 (KB)

Adobe PDF V: Fire Regimes and Condition Class (306 KB)

Adobe PDF W: Timber Demand Study (102 KB)

Adobe PDF X: Lands Available for Disposal (87 KB)

Adobe PDF Y: Paleontological Resources (141 KB)

Adobe PDF Z: Biodiversity Monitoring for Lower Elevation Systems (116 KB)



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