San Juan Public Lands Plan for the Future




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Volume One: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Adobe PDF Cover (376 KB), Abstract (74 KB) , Reader's Guide (167 KB) , Executive Summary (141 KB) and Table of Contents (72 KB)

Adobe PDF Chapter One-Purpose and Need (508 KB): This chapter offers a brief history and background of the management area. It describes the lead agencies (the USFS and the BLM) responsible for the overall planning and management of the San Juan public lands. It describes the purpose and need for the action, the scoping process and issues, planning criteria, the planning process, related plans and relevant policy, and the overall vision of this DLMP/DEIS.

Adobe PDF Chapter Two-Alternatives (2.9 MB): This chapter describes potential management approaches or “alternatives” and discusses the alternative development process. Four land management alternatives for managing the San Juan Public Lands are evaluated in detail in this DLMP/DEIS, including the No-Action Alternative (Alternative A) and the agencies Preferred Alternative (Alternative B). Additionally, the oil and gas leasing availability alternatives are described in detail in this chapter, including a no leasing alternative.

Arrow Chapter Three-Affected Environment and Environmental Consequences: This chapter describes the current physical, biological, human, and land use environments of the management area (the affected environment). This description provides a baseline against which to compare the impacts of the alternatives. The baseline described in this Chapter represents environmental and social conditions and trends in the planning area at the time this document was being prepared. In addition, this chapter evaluates how, and to what extent, baseline conditions may be altered (impacted) by the alternatives (the environmental consequences). These changes are measured in terms of adverse and beneficial impacts, direct and indirect impacts, and individual and cumulative impacts.

Adobe PDF Chapter Four-List of Preparers ( 139 KB): This chapter presents the names and qualifications of the people responsible for preparing this DLMP/DEIS.

Adobe PDF Chapter Five-References and Glossary (434 KB): This chapter provides full citation information for all references, published and unpublished, cited in this document, as well as a glossary of terms used to explain natural resource concepts and management activities specific to this DLMP/DEIS.



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