Dolores River Restoration Project
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The Partnership’s Vision

The Dolores River watershed is dominated by native vegetation, where the threats from tamarisk and other associated invasive species have been mitigated and the riparian areas of the watershed continue to become more naturally functioning, self-sustaining, diverse, and resilient over time.

About the Partnership

The Dolores River Restoration Partnership (DRRP) is a public-private collaborative of partnering individuals, organizations, and agencies working to restore the riparian corridor of the Dolores River, which flows from the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado to eastern Utah, where it merges with the Colorado River. Since 2009, the DRRP has worked to remove invasive plants whose extensive growth has displaced native plant communities, impaired wildlife habitat and forage, hindered recreational opportunities, and increased risks associated with wildfire. You can view the area of focus at this link: Watershed Map

DRRP Organizational Chart

The Partnership’s Goals  

  • Ecological Goals: enhanced plant communities
    Increase the number of acres of sustainable, healthy riparian and floodplain plant communities in the watershed while reducing those dominated by tamarisk and other invasive, non-native plant species.
  • Social Goals: youth, public safety, and aesthetics
    Increase opportunities for the next generation of stewards; increase public safety both by reducing wildfire-related risks and improving highway safety; and improve aesthetics.
  • Economic Goals: employment, local investments, efficiency, and recreation
    Increase employment opportunities for contractors and youth in the Dolores River area; improve effectiveness and financial efficiency of our riparian restoration efforts; and enhance visitor experience
  • Management Goals: learning, sharing, and improving
    Increase treatment effectiveness/efficiency by sharing lessons learned and other resources across boundaries; incorporate educational and interpretative practices to enhance public understanding and appreciation of riparian restoration actions.


Download Project Brochure Here

Dolores River Restoration
Key Partners

  • Bureau of Land Management (Dolores, Montrose, Grand Junction & Moab Offices)
  • State of Colorado
  • Counties of Dolores, Montrose, San Miguel, Mesa & Grand
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Tamarisk Coalition
  • Walton Family Foundation
  • Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
  • Southwest Conservation Corps
  • Canyon Country Youth Corps
  • Western Colorado Conservation Corps
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service and Conservation Districts
  • Colorado Division of Wildlife
  • Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Other agencies and organizations as added in the future