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The Log Resource: Scaling and Conversions

The Why Behind Quality Improvement

Lumber Recovery Studies and the Sawmill Improvement Program

Lumber Size Control

The Sawmill and the Bottom Line

Sawing Issues

Safety and the Sawmill

This CD contains the presentations made at the Sawmill Improvement Workshop, held in Durango, Colorado in November 2004. Rusty Dramm, of the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Lab led the workshop, with additional presentations given by Dr. Kurt Mackes, Department of Forest, Range, and Watershed Stewardship, and John Boysen, OSHA Consulatation Program, both at Colorado State University. In addition, reference articles have been included to provide further information on each of the topic areas.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open and read the files included on this CD. If you do not have the program installed on your computer, a free copy has been included in the Adobe Reader folder.

Some of the files included on this CD are Excel Worksheets. If you do not have Excel (typically bundled as part of Microsoft Office), the files will not open. These files are contained within the Data folder under Excel Worksheets, and can be opened independently of the presentation format.

Questions concerning the material included on this CD, or incorporating a quality improvement program at your mill, please contact:

Tim Reader at (970) 247-5250 Or Chris Jennings at (970) 491-2958