SW Community Forestry Caucus

Case in Point: Sherry Barrow Strategies, Inc.

Sherry Barrow Strategies, Inc. (SBS) is the manufacturing component of the RWUI and a FCSFP grantee. When Glen and Sherry Barrow got involved in the effort and received funding through the FCSFP and other public and private sources to build a manufacturing plant, other things became possible in the integration of utilization components from harvesting onward. Essentially, SBS provided the answer of what to do with the small-diameter timber once it was harvested. They built a plant that manufactures animal bedding shavings from freshly harvested small diameter. Another piece of the puzzle was filled in as SBS provided a market and created demand for raw materials.

Also adding a crucial element is Sierra Contracting, Inc. a composting and mulching business, located in Ruidoso Downs, just across the street from the famed Ruidoso Downs Racetrack. Owner Van Patton takes the materials that SBS can’t use, as well as slash hauled off of private property within the Ruidoso Village limits (as part of a fire-risk reduction ordinance) and makes compost.

He then sells it through a contract with the New Mexico Department of Transportation for highway mulching projects. Sierra also gives some back to the community, whereby residents get their own slash back in the form of soil enriching compost. With diligence and perseverance, the overall effort has continued to evolve since about 1999. As of 2004, more components have been filled in, such as more regular participation of a logger. SBS reported that they are having difficulty keeping up with the demand from consumers due to the popularity of their product. They cite lack of regular, steady and large enough supply as the hold up.


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